Both boat summarization and winterization are designed to help protect critical portions of your boat like inboard/outboard engines and the hull, fuel systems and freshwater storage, electrical and electronic systems, the head and interior. However, summarization prepares these important systems for an active boating season when they are being pushed to perform to their peak standards. Consider using Stabil 360®Marine Fuel Treatment throughout the active boating season. It contains a vapor coating to seal and guard your engine from corrosion – keeping fuel fresh for up to 12 months. Summerization is a perfect time to complete annual or semi annual maintenance per specific manufacturer recommendations like changing impellers – especially if you frequent ‘skinny waters’. Additionally, personal watercraft owners on Possum Kingdom Lake play hard and their equipment runs even harder. So taking an active role in boat summerization for your PWC is of equal paramount concern.

Summerization FAQs

What is the difference between boat summerization and boat winterization?

Winterizing your boat prepares your watercraft for inactive storage months during freezing and thawing of waterways, potential dangerous storms and corrosive elements within the atmosphere. This often can include doubling up on use of Marine Formula StaBil® in the fuel lines to prevent freezing and moisture during inactivity, a fresh oil change, purging freshwater tanks and flushing various systems with marine antifreeze just to name a few. Whereas, summerization for boats brings them out of dormant storage by preparing all systems for an active boating season. Summerization is a great time to catch up repairs and routine maintenance that might have fallen behind schedule before hitting the lake.

How does summerization help my boat?

To summerize a boat in Texas is to prepare your boat or PWC for the active service months when you play the hardest by protecting your boat from bow to stern. In 75 feet of water and an approaching storm with your children on board, is not the time to figure out you should have looked closer at that dent in your hull, or that maybe the fuel leak was worse than you initially thought it was. This includes the essentials such as;

  • Replacing fuel filters
  • Flushing freshwater storage
  • Inspecting/change of spark plugs
  • Inspecting/repairing the head and interior
  • Inspecting/replacing missing or malfunctioning lights
  • Changing/topping off inboard/outboard engine fluids
  • Inspecting/repairing electrical and electronic systems
  • Inspecting/replacing worn or damaged hoses and belts
  • Flushing/treating fuel systems with Stabil Marine fuel additive
  • Inspecting the hull for damages and applying a good wax or gel-coat

Can summerization be done on all watercrafts, or just boats?

Here on Possum Kingdom Lake, boat summerization can – and should – be performed on all motorized watercraft including personal watercraft like jet skis. PCW’s are frequently venturing out into lake solo without a larger vessel shadowing them. This is perfectly fine unless your engine fails. So, when you summerize a boat engine of a SeaDoo – or other brand of PWC – you are making an active investment in boat as well as your life and well-being.